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Carhartt has a unique bond with the working man. A relationship that goes back to 1889, sewn together by a consistent obligation that they provide workwear clothing to the worker in all his efforts.

This promise can be continued by supporting the Prostrate Cancer Foundation and their goal to make men aware of the threat of Prostrate Cancer. Currently men have a one in five chance on getting this disease. Unfortunately the trend is leaning towards one in four males. Carhartt can help build awareness with this hard working group by providing an opportunity to have a simple PSA blood test conducted on site. The PSA is usually 30% effective in diagnosing prostrate cancer.

The average white collar man has insurance that pays for this Prostrate Exam. The blue collar working man, is working. Plain and simple. More case’s than not, he can make his haircut appointment, but leaves medical care and preventive diagnosing off his hot list. Reverting to medical care for emergency only.

The concept is have van that would hold a nursing station for these simple blood tests. The vehicle would follow the SWAT or the Showcar around the country and provide this service. Giving back to the American worker.