What makes OPTIMideas Unique.

Beyond a simple philosophy, the approach of OPTIMideas is unique.

We focus on four central disciplines:

1.  A Unique Process For Understanding & Enhancing Experience

  • Understanding what beliefs drive preference and what experiences or signals prompt those beliefs.
  • Understanding how intent is formed.
  • Understanding the influences and prompts that drive selection decisions.
  • Understanding the experiences that deliver and enhance experience.

2.  A Creative Process Designed To Stimulate Conversation

  • An idea-based approach; because ideas most effectively stimulate conversation.
  • We focus on ideas that evolve from dialogue-starters to holistic envisionments of the customer experience.
  • OPTIMideas is able to truly and effectively serve the total marketing mix (product, promotion, placement, delivery, receipt, etc.).

3.  A Design-Based Creative Package and Communications Process

  • In a conversation-based environment, design is the newest and most effective medium of communication.
  • Design is easily placed in memory and easily recalled.
  • Design is media-neutral.
  • Design is the vehicle for message delivery. Media are selected based ability to deliver the design.

4.  An Excellent Process For Message Integration

  • The new world of commerce is best defined by information.
  • The new world of commercial persuasion must be management of information.
  • Internet strategy must be the center-piece of message integration planning.